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Stay Safe with These Home Lighting Safety Tips

October 12, 20232 min read

When it comes to home lighting, using fixtures and bulbs improperly can create safety hazards. Follow these tips to ensure your lighting is safe as well as stylish. Need help switching to LED or upgrading panels for new lighting? Call our residential electricians at (908) 461-8718

Use the Recommended Wattage

Check the max recommended wattage on light fixtures to avoid overheating. Using a bulb with too high of a wattage can lead to fires. Most fixtures are labeled with the highest wattage bulb that should be used.

Opt for LED Bulbs

LED bulbs run cooler than other bulb varieties. Because they use less energy, LED bulbs are less likely to overheat or cause socket issues that can lead to dangerous electrical faults.

Don’t Overload Outlets

Plugging too many lights or electrical devices into a single outlet can overload the circuitry. Signs of an overloaded outlet include frequent popping of the breaker, flickering of lights, and warm or discolored outlets.

Use Light Bulb Guards

Install plastic or metal bulb guards over exposed light bulbs to prevent direct contact with the hot bulb. This prevents burns from accidental touching of hot bulbs.

Keep Lights Away From Flammables

Never keep lamp shades or light fixtures in direct contact with fabric, clothing, curtains or other flammable materials. The heat from bulbs can ignite them.

Check for Damaged Cords

Inspect lighting cords to ensure they are not frayed, cracked or damaged. Damaged cords present a fire and shock risk. Never attempt to repair cords yourself.

Use Waterproof Fixtures in Bathrooms

The moisture in bathrooms can damage lighting fixtures and create electrocution risks. Opt for lighting labeled suitable for damp locations.

Don’t Forget Recessed Light Covers

Recessed can lights can get very hot. Ensure all recessed lights have protective covers over the bulbs to prevent direct contact and fire risks.

By following basic lighting safety tips such as using the right wattage bulbs and keeping lights away from flammables, you can enhance safety in your home's lighting design. Protect your home and family by prioritizing lighting safety with a licensed electrician in Monmouth County.

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