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Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

September 06, 20232 min read

Electricity makes our lives far more convenient, but it can also be dangerous if not handled properly. There are important electrical safety tips every homeowner should follow to prevent electrical fires, shocks, and other hazards. Keep these tips in mind to keep your home's electrical system safe. If you see nay of these, call our residential electricians today!

Fraying Electric Wire

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Use Outlet Covers - Installing outlet covers over unused outlets prevents curious little fingers from getting shocked or injured. Keep outlet covers on to block access.

Exercise Caution Around Water - Never use electronics near water or with wet hands. Install GFCIs in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and garages to prevent shocks.

Replace Fraying Cords - Cords that are cracked, damaged or fraying pose a serious fire hazard. Replace any damaged extension cords, appliance cords or chargers.

Clear Cords Safely - Make sure cords are tucked away safely and not at risk of overheating when pushed against furniture. Never nail or staple cords to the wall.

Check for Hot Outlets - If you smell burning plastic or an outlet is hot to the touch, there could be faulty wiring. Have an electrician inspect it.

Use Lightbulbs Properly - Always use the specified wattage for fixtures and switch bulbs off fully before changing them. Never exceed the rated wattage.

Kitchen Caution - Keep all electrical appliances away from the sink and never reach near water to plug something in. Wipe up spills immediately.

Update Old Wiring - If your home still has very old wiring, it's time to upgrade it. Old wiring is prone to damage and can't handle today's power demands.

Schedule Electrical Inspections - Have your home inspected by a licensed electrician every 5 years or if you move in to a new purchase. They'll spot any dangers.

Practice Electrical Safety Outdoors - For exterior outlets, only use weather-resistant covers and cords. Inspect wiring before using lights or decorations.

Make electrical safety a top priority in your home. Following these tips diligently prevents electrical hazards and gives you peace of mind. If you ever notice flickering lights, buzzing, burning smells or other issues, contact a residential electrician right away. We are your local Monmouth County electricians.

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