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Choosing the Right Lighting for Each Room in Your Home

October 10, 20232 min read

When designing a lighting plan for your home, it's important to consider the unique lighting needs of each room. The right lighting can make a room more functional while also setting the aesthetic. As residential licensed electricians, her are our key tips on selecting lighting fixtures tailored for different rooms:

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen requires bright, functional lighting for cooking, meal prep, and cleaning up. For overall illumination, opt for fluorescent or LED ceiling lights. Undercabinet lighting helps illuminate countertops and workspaces. For accent, install pendant lights or track lighting over islands and above the sink.

Bedroom Lighting

Your sanctuary should have soft, relaxing lighting. Table lamps with warm shades are ideal for nighttime reading. For general lighting, flush or semi-flush ceiling fixtures work well. Install dimmer switches to control the amount of light.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be bright but also flattering. Vanity strip lighting around the mirror provides good task lighting. Waterproof pot lights in the ceiling give soft ambient light. Consider sconces on each side of the mirror as well.

Dining Room Lighting

In dining rooms, lighting has dual roles of illuminating the table and creating ambiance. A stunning chandelier provides dramatic focal lighting while sconces on the walls give supplemental lighting for the table.

Living Room Lighting

For living rooms, layers of light create a warm glow. Ambient lighting such as track, recessed or accent lighting sets the mood. Task lighting like table and floor lamps enables reading. Be sure to also accent architectural details.

Home Office Lighting

Create an energizing environment in your home office with bright overhead and task lighting. Position desk lamps to illuminate workspaces without glare. Add accent lighting such as wall sconces for visual interest.

Take the time to select the best lighting for each room's uses. This enhances the functionality of the space while also setting the aesthetic you want, whether it's contemporary, traditional or cozy. The right lighting can make all the difference in your home's design. Need an electrician in Monmouth County? Call JGB today: (908) 461-8718

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