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Smart Home Technology and Integrating Electrical Systems

September 04, 20231 min read

Smart home technology allows homeowners to integrate electrical devices and systems in their home for more convenience, efficiency, and practicality. Upgrading to smart controls and components can take your home's electrical capabilities to the next level, so let our residential electricians show you how!

Automating Lighting

Programmable smart light switches, motion sensors, and smart bulbs like Philips Hue allow you to control lighting remotely, set schedules and scenes, automate based on occupancy, and more. This efficiency can save energy.

smart home thermostat

Remotely Controlling Thermostats

Smart thermostats learn your usage patterns and allow heating and cooling adjustments from anywhere via your smart phone. This ability reduces energy costs.

Integrating Entertainment Systems 

Smart remotes and voice assistants allow centralized control of home theater components, music streaming, and television viewing. Multi-room audio is also achievable by connecting smart speakers.

Monitoring with Smart Security Systems

Smart doorbell cameras, security cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors and more all connect to apps to keep homeowners aware of activity and dangers. Electrical issues can also be monitored.

Managing Appliances/Electronics Remotely

Smart plugs, power strips, and appliance modules let homeowners turn electronics on/off remotely to save power when not in use. Faults and energy usage can also be monitored.

Upgrading to Smart Switches and Outlets 

Smart switches and receptacles allow for voice or app-based control of lights and outlets. Scenes, schedules and automation capabilities help optimize electrical use.

The more a homeowner can integrate and automate their electrical systems, the more practical and efficient the home becomes. Smart tech allows homeowners to customize usage for optimal electrical experiences. Need smart home tech installation? Call our Monmouth County electricians today!

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