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Maintaining Electrical Appliances/Fixtures to Prevent Problems

September 07, 20231 min read

The electrical appliances and fixtures in your home experience a lot of wear and tear over time. Without proper maintenance, this can lead to disruptive and dangerous electrical problems. Getting into a habit of inspecting and caring for electrical equipment helps prevent issues. Need help, call our residential electricians.

Follow Manufacturer Maintenance Tips

Check instruction manuals for recommended maintenance procedures and schedules for appliances like dryers, air conditioners and stoves. This helps optimize performance and lifespan.

Vacuum Vents/Fans

Clogged vents and fans on appliances like refrigerators, ranges and bathroom fans cannot circulate air properly leading to overheating and electrical damage over time.

Inspect Cords and Plugs

Check cords and plugs on items like lamps, chargers and small kitchen appliances for fraying, cracking or exposed wires which present a fire hazard. Replace if needed.

Use Surge Protectors

Protect expensive electronics like TVs, gaming systems and computers from electrical surges by using high-quality surge protector power strips with sufficient joule ratings.

Replace Filters/Belts 

Replace old air filters in heating/cooling window units, air conditioners and furnaces to promote proper air circulation and prevent strain on electrical components. Check fan belts too.  

Clean Grease Buildup

Prevent grease fires and malfunctioning electrical on stoves and ovens by regularly cleaning built up grease. Follow cleaning product instructions carefully before using.

Watch for Overheating Problems

If outlets, cords or appliances feel hot to the touch, immediately unplug and discontinue use. Have a residential electrician inspect for faults and improper wiring issues.

With regular inspection and care, electrical appliances and fixtures will operate safely and efficiently for years before needing replacement. Don't allow preventable problems like dirty vents or worn cords create electrical hazards. If you don't feel comfortable checking everything yourself, call us. Our licensed electricians in Monmouth County are happy to help.

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