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Lighting Upgrade Ideas for Your Home

September 12, 20232 min read

Is your home lit by outdated lighting fixtures that do little to enhance your rooms? Upgrading to modern, stylish lights makes a dramatic difference in both the ambiance and function of any space. Consider these lighting upgrade ideas from a residential electrician for your home.

Kitchen Accent Lighting

Install pendant lights or track lighting over islands and countertops to spotlight food prep areas. Under cabinet LED strip lighting also creates great task lighting.

Foyer/Entryway Lights 

Welcome guests with a stunning foyer light like a chandelier or semi-flush mount fixture that makes an impact. Wall sconces on both sides of the door also frame an entry beautifully. 

Recessed/Can Lighting

Recessed lights provide even overall illumination. Upgrade old cans to new trim styles and efficient LED recessed lighting. Space cans consistently for the best light.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting 

Moisture-resistant fixtures like LED vanity bars and waterproof shower lights transform bathrooms from dull to glamorous. Install a lighted bathroom fan too.

Outdoor Lighting

Improve ambiance and safety with LED pathway marker lights lining sidewalks and steps. Add landscape spotlights to showcase trees and architectural features too.

Accent Lighting 

Install track lighting or picture lights to highlight artwork in living rooms or hallways. Cabinet lighting shows off collectibles and books.

Dimmable Switches

Replace old switches with dimmable ones so you can adjust light levels to match any activity or mood. Dimmers work with LEDs.

Smart Lighting 

Integrate app-controlled smart bulbs like Philips Hue to automate lighting, create scenes, and control lights remotely.

Better lighting improves functionality, safety, and the aesthetic of your rooms. Take time to evaluate each space and how upgraded fixtures can transform it from mediocre to extraordinary through the power of light. The right lighting elevates a home’s style significantly. Our Monmouth County licensed electricians are here to help you upgrade your home. Let's get started!

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