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How to Prepare for a Residential Electrician Visit

September 08, 20232 min read

When you have an electrical issue in your home, calling a professional licensed residential electrician is always the safest route. However, making sure you prepare properly for the electrician’s visit can save time and lead to better results. Follow these tips before the electrician arrives at your home.

Check List

Clear Access to Electrical Panels

Clear a minimum of 3 feet of space around your home’s electrical panels so the electrician can access them easily. Remove any stored items or furniture blocking panels.

List Electrical Problems 

Make a list of all the electrical problems you’ve noticed, no matter how minor. List which outlets, switches and lights are affected and any odors, noises or occurrences leading up to the issue.

Ask Questions in Advance

Don’t be afraid to ask the electrician questions beforehand about what to expect during the visit, how to prepare and estimated costs. They should provide helpful information.

Clean Around Problem Areas

Clean surfaces around problem outlets, wires and panels to allow the electrician better access and visibility for inspecting issues and making repairs.

Turn Off Power to Fixtures

Turn power off to light fixtures, outlets and specific problem circuits before the electrician arrives to avoid sparks, shocks or falls related to live electricity.

Keep Pets Contained

Make sure pets are kept in another room during the electrician’s visit. Dogs may try to jump on them while working, creating a dangerous situation around live wiring.  

Point Out Safety Concerns  

If you have any outlets or wiring you know is unsafe or worries you, point these out right away so the electrician can prioritize addressing them.

Following these tips will optimize the electrician’s visit so repairs can be made efficiently. Taking a few steps to prepare allows the electrician to provide top-notch service safely. They’ll appreciate your efforts to give them space and address potential hazards upfront.

We are local electricians in Monmouth County, so we know you might not get all of these ready in time. Don't worry. We appreciate all the prep you can do!

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