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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Lighting Answered

October 18, 20232 min read

Proper lighting is key to having a functional and beautiful home. But many homeowners have questions about selecting the ideal lighting. Here our answers as residential electrician specialist to some of the most frequently asked questions about home lighting:

What is the best lighting for the kitchen?

A mix of lighting is ideal for kitchens. Overhead pendant lights or recessed lighting provide overall illumination. Undercabinet lighting spotlights key countertop prep areas. Task lighting like pendents over islands highlight that work space.

What wattage bulb should I use?

Check the max recommended wattage on light fixtures. Using the correct wattage prevents overheating and extends the fixture’s lifespan. LED bulbs allow you to use lower wattage with brighter output.

How do I create a cozy ambiance?

Layer lamps, sconces and ambient lighting to create a warmer, cozier glow. Dimmer switches also allow you to control the mood. Warmer bulb temperatures (2700-3000K) emit a softer light.

What are the lighting options for vaulted ceilings?

Recessed can lighting is ideal for vaulted ceilings. Place lights strategically to avoid glare or shadows. For dramatic effect, install a chandelier to hang down from the peak of the ceiling.

How do you light a hallway?

For narrow hallways, wall sconces spaced about 6 feet apart provide good illumination from both sides. Wider hallway lighting options include pendant lights or recessed ceiling fixtures.

What lighting works best in bathrooms?

Waterproof recessed can lights placed evenly in the ceiling give ambient light. Vanity strip lights ensure good visibility for grooming. Consider sconces on each side of the mirror too.

How can I save money on lighting?

Use energy efficient LED bulbs in fixtures you use most. Put lights on dimmers and timers. Upgrade old recessed cans with new airtight, Insulated models that reduce heating/cooling loss.

What’s the best place to buy lighting?

Lighting showrooms offer the best selection but at higher prices. Home improvement stores carry basic selections for less. Check online retailers for trendy, budget-friendly options.

We hope these tips help answer your most common questions about selecting the perfect home lighting. Proper lighting design enhances both form and function. Let us know if you have any other lighting questions! We are local Monmouth County electricians, so we are available for quotes.

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